Our CavaDoodle ‘Big Kid’ enclosure, where the puppies sleep and play when they outgrow the whelping pen at 5-8 weeks old. This is a multi use area, designed to provide interesting challenges and learning potential. It’s so much fun to watch them  as they learn to play together! We also begin crate training in this room, but note that we don’t close them in. The idea is only to get them used to going in and out of their crates.

At the far right of our video, you’ll see 3 dots in a row… click on those and you can access the Transcript. Sometimes the sound on the video isn’t the greatest, and we find the Transcript is handy for reference in case the context doesn’t make clear the explanations.


Proud Parents

Hazel and Lenny CavaDoodle welcomed their new family of 4 adorable babies on 24 June 2023. Go-home date 19 August 2023.

Estimating 25-40lbs. Adult weight may vary. Curly to wavy, allergy friendly fleece coats.

If you would love to adopt a special Maple Hill Doodles CavaDoodle puppy, feel free to fill out an application for one of these adorable babies.. Remember, we no longer use a waiting list — all approved families have equal opportunity to reserve a puppy once we open the reservation list.

Also — while we do accept applications any time, we do not schedule phone interviews until we have a confirmed litter due.

Even though these adorable, huggable little fuzzballs will likely be our last litter of CavaDoodles for 2023, we wanted to give you a chance to get better acquainted with them.


More about our breeder program:

Located in NE Ohio, 45 mins east of Cleveland and also an easy drive from Pittsburgh. We raise low shedding, allergy friendly (also known as hypoallergenic) CavaDoodles, Cavapoos, and Mini (occasionally Petite) Goldendoodles. Natural rearing, holistic philosophy. Reputable in home based family breeder. We do not use kennels or other outside facilities.