Introducing The CavaDoodle Breed

introducing the CavaDoodle breed - puppies in NE Ohio

A CavaDoodle has one mission in life: Simply be adorable. And they are! Gentle and sweet tempered, they are wonderful companions for quiet cuddling, a hike, or a romp in the park. Perfect for the whole family!

Our goal in breeding the CavaDoodle is to create an easy going, medium energy, minimal shedding, intelligent dog you’ll love to welcome into your home. CavaDoodles are generally a better choice than a Cavapoo if you have small children. CavaDoodles want to be with their human family and are eager to please. They will thrive in your home with lots of love and consistency.

what is a CavaDoodle

What is a CavaDoodle?

The CavaDoodle is a blend of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle, and a dash of Labrador Retriever. Maple Hill Doodles is one of a select few breeders in the U.S who breed CavaDoodles. When bred responsibly, this combination of three breeds helps to produce a healthier dog than its purebred ancestors.

Don’t be confused by different names for the breed, though. The CavaDoodle is distinct from a Cavapoo, which is sometimes called a Cavoodle.

Then, to be even more confusing, the Cavapoo/Cavoodle breed can be called a Cavadoodle as well. We figure that making the names interchangeable is a simple mistake of terminology. What makes our CavaDoodles unique is the addition of the Labrador. Not only does that gene pool add size, but also it makes for a family friendly temperament.

A CavaDoodle will resemble an Australian Labradoodle (different from a simple Labradoodle) in size and overall appearance. They are loyal and loving, a small to medium size dog, with little shedding, and allergy friendly. Keep up with brushing and grooming, though. Here’s an excellent source for the right way to use a slicker brush. Do your line brushing gently, every day, and your puppy’s coat will be healthy and gorgeous.

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CavaDoodle Puppies Family Raised

Our CavaDoodle puppies are part of the family from day one. We raise all puppies in our loving home and safe environment. So, they’re used to being around an active household. And they’ll transition to their forever homes easier than if we raised them in the kennel environment. 

We begin their training at 3 days old with Early Neurological Stimulation methods (ENS). That’s a fancy term for gently introducing them to different noises and situations they will experience in their lives. Your puppy will be better able to deal with new and unexpected situations, as they grow and into adulthood.  This is followed up with enrichment and further desensitization.




how to adopt a CavaDoodle from Maple Hill Doodles

Adopting a CavaDoodle

Contact us using the form below, if you are looking for CavaDoodles in Ohio. We can help you learn more about this breed, our breeding philosophy, and puppy choices. Our puppies are only placed with families who are committed to providing a forever home for their new companion. If you share our commitment, then you’re ready to experience the joy of adding a CavaDoodle puppy to your life!


FAQs on Adopting a CavaDoodle Puppy

If you have never raised a CavaDoodle puppy, here are a few helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Are CavaDoodles hypoallergenic?

The answer is yes, but… Hypoallergenic means – they are less likely to affect allergies. Be aware this doesn’t mean that they are allergy free. If you are very sensitive, any breed of dog may affect your allergies.

How big do CavaDoodles get?

They usually range from 20 to 35 pounds in weight , depending on the sizes of the parents and grandparents. We occasionally may have a larger or smaller puppy in a litter outside of this size range. 

What is the pricing for your CavaDoodles?

We list our CavaDoodles at $2500. However, we do offer a discount of $100 on the price for active duty military and first responders.

Do CavaDoodles shed?

They are considered ‘non-shedding’ dogs. This means there is minimal shedding of fur. Keep up with proper grooming and you should have fewer issues.

Do CavaDoodles have low maintenance coat?

The short answer is no. Low shedding, allergy friendly breeds generally need grooming on the same schedule as a poodle, every 6-8 weeks. The upside side is they won’t cover your furniture, clothes and floor in fur. More time grooming but less time cleaning!

What is a CavaDoodle’s lifespan?

10 to 15 years is the average lifespan for a medium-size dog, including the CavaDoodle. With a proper raw food diet, and minimal harmful chemicals, quality of life and years can be extended.

What is the temperament of a CavaDoodle?

Our goal is to breed for the intelligence and confidence of the Labradoodle, with the Cavalier adding a calm and sweet nature.

Are CavaDoodles good with children?

As with most dogs, as long as children are properly supervised and taught to be gentle, CavaDoodles are wonderful family pets. We also suggest all families with small children work with a positive reinforcement trainer soon after your new puppy arrives.

Are CavaDoodles suitable for service work?

Our first goal in breeding is to produce a companion pet. Although they are not ideal for service work or ESD (Emotional Support Dog) duties, they would be perfect for therapy visits to hospitals and nursing homes.

baby Lenny CavaDoodle)

“Hello, I hope you are well and healthy. As Oliver is approaching his first birthday next week (where did time go) I just wanted to give you some pictures over the past year. Oliver is doing so amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. Stay safe and healthy!”    

– M.E.

CavaDoodle puppy snow running guardian dog

Have you heard about our guardian program?

Our guardian program is the term we use when a family has one of our amazing breeding dogs living in their home full time. The dog is placed with the guardian home at no initial cost for you and stays with you for the majority of her life, except for when she is being bred, or having and whelping puppies.

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For information on our CavaDoodle puppies for sale, or any upcoming litters, please contact us using the form below. For other questions, check the FAQ section, listed below.