23 08, 2023

CavaDoodle ‘Big Kid’ Enclosure


Our CavaDoodle 'Big Kid' enclosure, where the puppies sleep and play when they outgrow the whelping pen at 5-8 weeks old. This is a multi use area, designed to provide interesting challenges and learning potential. It's so much fun to watch them  as they learn to play together! We also begin crate training in

CavaDoodle ‘Big Kid’ Enclosure2023-08-23T15:54:52-05:00
5 12, 2022

3-Week CavaDoodle Puppies


PEARL + HARRY Proud CavaDoodle Parents Beautiful Pearl and handsome Harry CavaDoodle welcomed the birth of their new family on 6 November 2022. 3 boys and a beautiful red-haired girl! We estimate a go home date of 1 January 2023. Happy New Year! 20-25lbs estimated weight, with wavy fleece (low shedding) coats in

3-Week CavaDoodle Puppies2023-08-21T10:56:11-05:00
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