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We hope you find these links very helpful and interesting. There’s a ton of good info here!


Why do we practice raw feeding? Here are the reasons, presented for easy understanding. Good read, lots of info.


To help eliminate worms and parasites and clean out intestinal tract. No harmful drugs or chemicals. Learn more!



Conventional flea and tick prevention can have deadly side effects.

Even the FDA admits that. Learn about safe alternatives.

Here’s a fresh look at the causes (some of them will surprise you), treatments (tending more toward natural) and prevention (diet and environment).


This video explains why biting is important to your puppy and teaches you how to develop the behavior into good habits. You want to let your puppy continue his play biting, but not stop it completely.

Special thanks to Ian Stone, CPDT-KA (Simpawtico Dog Training)


The “Expectancy Effect” (with special thanks to Ji Khalsa)

Lead your puppy by example. Expect her to be good, confident, happy (just like you!).

A puppy’s temperament at 6/7 weeks is often nothing like it may be as an adult. As puppies grow, their adult temperament is heavily influenced/molded by the dynamics of their forever family.

Special thanks to Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs.


Here is a thorough explanation of the methods of crate training. Remember, it doesn’t happen in a day or two. Click the headline to read some tips!


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

Read why we start Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) at 3 days old.

One of the main reasons we can’t approve an application. This article covers why we only place puppies into homes where they are not left alone all day.


What is natural raising? And why is it better than being raised in a kennel? Click on the headline to find out!


Hypoallergenic simply means less likely to trigger allergies, not zero chance of allergens. Read on!

The pet shampoo pH myth shattered!

What we’ve been told about pH in pet products is updated with this new scientific study. (Spoiler alert: It’s okay to use human baby shampoo even on puppies. Really!)

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