Guardian Application


** You must have a FULLY FENCED, SECURE YARD and be Homeowners of a HOUSE to qualify as a Guardian Family. **

    How did you hear about us?

    Which puppy are you interested in?

    What previous pets have lived with you? Please list: Pet's name, Breed, Sex, Neutered or Spayed, Indoor or Outdoor.

    What pets currently live with you? Please list: Pet's name, Breed, Sex, Neutered or Spayed, Indoor or Outdoor.

    TRAINING. What is your level of training experience?

    Our contract requires training, whether structured classes or your own training. What type of training will you and your puppy participate in?
    Structured in-person classes
    Private lessons with trainer
    Online classes

    Are you a breeder (currently or previously), or planning to breed in the future? Please explain.

    Have you ever rehomed a pet before? Please explain, if so.

    Are you fully committed to caring for a Guardian Dog, even if the dog is injured or becomes ill? Please explain your answer.

    Are there any physical, emotional, or financial limitations that would prohibit you from properly caring for a dog? Please explain.

    Is your yard FULLY fenced and secure? Please note: If your application is approved, we will contact you for a video of your yard, including fencing.

    What kind of fencing? Please note: A SECURE ABOVE-GROUND FENCE IS REQUIRED.

    Do you work outside your home?

    What is your profession?

    How many hours a day are you gone?

    Please list the ages of everyone living in the home.

    Is there a person in your household who is:
    A smoker
    Special needs
    Allergic to dogs

    Please tell us about your family and what made you decide to become a guardian?

    Also, please tell us a little bit about how you plan to integrate your new puppy into your family.

    Do you understand the cost involved of feeding and grooming a Doodle?

    Please explain what you consider proper feeding and grooming for a Doodle.

    Some families have concerns about raw feeding. But don't worry! You can purchase ready to feed raw, online, that comes frozen in containers.
    Are you willing and able to feed raw during the guardian period?

    Please share your thoughts on raw feeding.

    We are holistic, natural rearing breeders. Is this something you agree with and can continue once the puppy is in your care?

    What does natural rearing mean to you?

    What is your maximum monthly budget for food and routine care?

    Will you be able to handle your guardian dog being away for up to 8-9 weeks when she is whelping?

    Please tell us what you understand of the breeding process, up to and including weaning of the puppies.

    Are your family members on board with the responsibility of being a guardian?

    PLEASE TELL US MORE. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your preferences, you, your family, or your living situation that relates to having a puppy?

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