puppy application ready to adopt mini goldendoodle puppies

Puppy Application

  • The person filling out the application needs to be the primary caretaker and over the age of 21.
  • All family members need to be in agreement before adding a new puppy, and willing to help train. Puppies are a lot of work and it’s a group effort, but so worth it.
  • Take a moment to read through our website. As natural rearing breeders, we will not be a good fit for everyone.
  • We are happy to assist families but ultimately it is your responsibility to arrange pick up or delivery. We don’t allow puppies in cargo or commercial transport.
  • Please check your calendar before committing to a particular litter. We are not able to hold puppies for extended periods of time. It’s important puppies are able to bond with their forever families during this critical period.
  • A reservation fee (sometimes called a deposit) is a promise to follow through with purchase, and made in good faith. We do not refund these for any reason, unless the puppy reserved dies or becomes unfit for sale.
  • Completing an application does not guarantee approval.
  • Please be detailed with answers. We want to know all about you!

    “If your application is approved, we will contact you by email and text”

    How did you hear about us?

    If you're a candidate for approval, we'll contact you within a week to follow up. After that, we may schedule a phone interview. Because of the many applications we receive, we regret that we cannot personally reply to each one.

    I understand we will only be contacted if our application is approved.

    I have read and understand the Maple Hill Doodles approval process. I understand my application may not be approved. Further, I understand that, for legal concerns, Maple Hill Doodles will not disclose any reason an application is declined.

    I understand that Maple Hill Doodles is a natural rearing, holistic breeder and will only approve families who are committed to the same standards.

    Please let us know why you want a puppy from Maple Hill Doodles specifically? Please be detailed.

    Are you applying for a current litter or future litter?

    Miniature Goldendoodle

    If you want a VERY specific coat type, color, and size , we may not be the right breeder for you. We give preference to families whose primary interest is a well-bred and well-raised puppy.

    • I understand that this puppy is not to be bred and is required to be spayed/neutered (unless stated in the puppy agreement I sign), and I am subject to a significant fine and other damages as stated in the contract if not spayed/neutered and/or bred.
    • I understand that this puppy may have had an ovary sparing spay or vasectomy, which can be safely performed at a much younger age than conventional spay/neuter surgeries.
    • I understand these requirements are in the purchase contract for the puppy.

    Yes, I agree to the spay/neuter and no-breeding condition of the contract.

    No, I do not agree to the spay/neuter and no-breeding condition of the contract.

    In order to prevent our puppies from ending up in puppy mills, your puppy may have had an ovary sparing spay or vasectomy. Do you have any objection to this possibility? Your puppy will still have necessary hormones for proper growth but will not be able to reproduce.

    Please read our FAQs page for answers to most common questions. Are there any questions not included that you felt would have been helpful? If you haven't yet read our FAQs, please go back and do that before proceeding with your application.

    Have you ever raised a puppy? Tell us more! (Please do not include your parents raising a puppy when you were growing up)

    PUPPY PLANS: My puppy is intended to be (select all that apply):
    A pet and a companion

    A Service Dog or Assistance Dog candidate (provides specific tasks for one individual)

    Emotional Support/PTSD/Anxiety Dog candidate (I have a referral from, or am under the care of, a health professional for this)

    A Therapy Dog candidate (provides comfort in facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, for a variety of individuals)

    Puppies are babies and no matter how well-raised or trained should be expected to cry, bark, chew and have accidents, often at very inconvenient times and places. Will this be a problem for your family?

    Many puppies can have excitement urination, especially while your puppy is young (this is not the same as submissive urination). How do you plan to handle this?

    Do you feel comfortable and able to handle puppy biting behavior? This may be excessive biting of hands, and/or biting children, and can last for months. Do you understand the difference between normal puppy biting and true aggression?

    TRAINING: We encourage our clients to hire an in home, aversive-free trainer. This is especially important for families and first time pet owners. Is this something you’re willing to do?

    Do you have current pets? What breed and are they spayed/neutered? Do they live inside or outside?

    Have you had to rehome any pets in the past? What were the circumstances?

    Do you own or rent your home?


    Is your yard fenced? Please tell us the kind of fencing you have.

    Do you work outside your home? If yes, how many hours each day?

    What is the max amount of time the puppy would be home alone during the day?

    Please list ages of children that live in the home.

    Are all members of the household in agreement over getting a new puppy?

    Who will be the primary caretaker?

    Is there anyone in the home with pet allergies? Our puppies have historically been good for families with allergies, however this is not a guarantee as some people have more severe allergies than others.

    Does your budget allow for vet care in the event of an emergency (vet bills can reach into the thousands)?

    Doodles require regular grooming and also frequent brushing. Is that something you’re able to handle? Doodles are not a low maintenance breed.

    If you can’t take your dog on vacation, are you willing to find an in home sitter or family/friends that can keep him/her?

    What flea and tick prevention do you plan to use? Are you open to using less harmful, more natural flea and tick prevention?

    As holistic breeders we are looking for families open to immunity through natural exposure or a minimal vaccine protocol. Is this something that aligns with your views?

    Puppies can be very destructive, some of which may be harmful to them (electronic cords, etc). Are you willing to puppy proof your home and yard before bringing a puppy home?

    Are you committed to a dog for 13-15 years, even if they grow bigger or smaller than you hoped, or are not what you had imagined your new family member to be?

    Are you a current breeder, bred previously or plan to breed in the future?

    Once a puppy is reserved, updates will be posted weekly on Facebook. Do you have a Facebook account to view the updates?

    How do you plan to pick up your puppy? Will you opt for delivery by a flight nanny, meeting us halfway (where?) or picking up your puppy from us here?

    Do you agree to keep your puppy as an indoor dog?

    Are you on a waitlist now or previously with any other breeders? Please explain.

    PLEASE TELL US MORE. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your preferences, you, your family, or your living situation that relates to having a puppy?

    I have read and understand everything in this application. Further, I swear and affirm that my answers are true and verifiable.
    Enter your full name here.