Jack AKC Miniature Poodle stud red

Jack, mahogany red AKC Miniature Poodle

Kirby, F1 phantom abstract Cavapoo

Stud Services

Thank you for your interest in our studs at Maple Hill Doodles. We appreciate you! Our boy dogs are our pets, living in our home where they get unlimited love and attention. They are fully health tested and have gentle family-friendly temperaments. Yet, they love a good romp outside with each other, our kids, and the rest of our canine family.

To read the details on our handsome hunks, click on each picture at the top of this page.

Our handsome studs would love a date with your lady dogs! At this time, we offer stud services by AI only. We work closely with Dr. Hutchison, an amazing reproductive veterinarian at Animal Clinic Northview here in northeastern Ohio. We’ll be happy to meet you and your female at Northview for fresh, side-by-side AI.

If you’re not close by, but have your heart set on one of our boys, don’t worry! We’re pleased to ship fresh, chilled semen to your own vet. The collection will be done by Dr. Hutchison at his Animal Clinic Northview. He’ll do a semen analysis to make sure all those wiggly things are active. And then his clinic will ship the sample directly from their office to your vet.

We’re confident in our studs and their abilities to produce healthy, beautiful litters. And we guarantee a litter of at least two live puppies. If you progesterone test and the pregnancy does not take, or the litter is less than two puppies, we offer a free second breeding on your girl’s next heat.


For information on any of our studs, or to make arrangements for breeding, please contact us using the form below.

    What breed is your bitch?

    What genetic and OFA/Pennhip testing has your bitch completed?

    Do you need semen shipped or will you be doing side by side at our reproductive veterinarian?