Welcome to Maple Hill Doodles

Welcome to Maple Hill Doodles, where we believe in a holistic approach to raising the finest, healthiest, and most beautiful puppies possible.

Our puppies are raised in-home, with early neurological stimulation. And they are weaned on a species appropriate raw diet to give the best start and ensure the longest life.

Our puppies are raised inside vs a kennel and here’s why. No matter how state of the art or clean a kennel may be, puppies thrive being underfoot and part of the family from day one. They are exposed to people of different ages, various household noises, surfaces, smells, etc. Also, they have lots of outside playtime on our 2.5 acres, that includes even more sounds, textures and experiences. And all of this works to ensure you are bringing home the best possible, most well balanced puppy!

In addition to raising our puppies in our home, we are also advocates of ENS (early neurological stimulation). We have always practiced ENS with our puppies on an informal level and they have done well. Our puppies are friendly, well adjusted and adaptable.

Maple Hill Doodles is located in NE Ohio, just a 45 min drive from Cleveland. Please take a moment to look over our website and feel free to contact us with any questions we may help you with!