Multigenerational Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Here’s the latest video update for our Mini Goldendoodle litter from Annabelle and Tobi. All are Apricot/White Parti, Curly or Wavy Coats, with a lot of variation in color distribution. Learn what the term ‘multigenerational’ means. And all are adorable! We have 4 boys and 2 girls, one of each is Reserved. So here’s your chance!

Watch the video on YouTube. Subscribe there so you won’t miss any new video updates. Follow along with the transcript.

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Follow along with the video and learn:

  • how to tell which puppy of the same colors is which
  • how to handle a very young puppy
  • how quickly tiny puppies change as they grow

For your convenience, a transcript of the narration of this Mini Goldendoodle video is included on the YouTube page. Some of the wording may not be exactly correct, because of the voice recognition. But from the context, and careful attention, we believe you’ll be able to enjoy this little family of Mini Goldendoodles as much as we do. And who knows? If you already have an approved Puppy Application¬† from us, one of these sweet babies could be coming to live with YOU around the first of the year!