Puppy Supplies

cream labradoodle puppy supplies main image

Here are some suggestions of supplies to have on hand or to order, before bringing home your adorable new Maple Hill puppy. Be sure everything is ready!

Safety and Training

proper crates for puppy training
puppy harness and leash
puppy gate for safety

Comfort and Play

Snuggle Puppy comforting stuffed toy
safe puppy toys
puppy play balls indoor outdoor

Food and Water

raw feeding diet
ceramic feeding and water bowls easy clean

Health and Good Looks

3 sizes slicker brush for grooming
sturdy metal grooming comb
gentle puppy shampoo
sturdy puppy nail clippers

Training Aids

enzyme cleaner for puppy accidents

Optional Equipment

adjustable grooming table
quality electric clippers
high speed coat dryer


For information on any current puppies for sale, or any upcoming litters, please contact us using the form below. For other questions, visit our FAQ page or both pages of Useful Links.