Lucy n Milo Goldendoodle


Proud Parents


On 20 January 2024, Lucy + Milo’s little family was born in the midst of a snowstorm around  our house. Charlee, Chloe, Marshall and Sky are all multigenerational, all red or red/white, and… all spoken for!

So, even though all 4 are marked Reserved, they’re all beautiful and we thought you’d like to see them anyway. And take heart — we have another Goldendoodle litter planned for mid-April that will be ready to go home with YOU!

Remember, we don’t  keep a wait list, so first come-first served does get a little exuberant sometimes. Stay on top of things by checking our Facebook site 

Charlee Goldendoodle 20jan24 Lucy n Milo




Chloe Goldendoodle 20jan24 Lucy n Milo




sky goldendoodle 20jan24 Lucy n Milo




marshall goldendoodle 20jan24 lucy n milo




charlotte petite goldendoodle


Petite Goldendoodle Guardian

We don’t have any other GD puppies for sale currently but we are expecting a  litter of companion pet puppies due soon. Click on the button below that’s labeled ‘upcoming puppies’.

Puppy updates happen fast, and we find that our Facebook page can be  more timely. So to stay informed, click the button just above!

charlotte believe pillow oct2023 ember n milo

While we don’t have any puppies for pet homes, we do have a puppy available as a guardian opportunity home.

charlotte guardian merry christmas oct2023 ember n milo

If you would love to be a forever family to one of these cuddly red fuzzballs, make sure your Puppy Application is pre-approved! There’s still time, because we don’t have a wait list. First come, first served!

Click the button to start the process.


goldendoodle breed Ember + Tobi 2023

We invite you to enjoy these photos of Annabelle and Tobi’s previous litter (all boys!).

Learn more about the Mini Goldendoodle Breed — click on the collage!