Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies Meal Time (February 10, 2020)

Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies enjoying their mealtime. They are having ground Goat Meat and ground Sardines.
In this video, we are talking about the type of meats your dogs/puppies can eat often. What meat is more allergenic for dogs
than others. The amount of meat you can provide to them and how many times you can feed them in a day.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • Types Of Meat You Feed Your Dogs/Puppies.
  • The Amount Of Food You Can Give To Your Puppies.
  • What Meat You Can’t Give Them Often.

Hi, everybody. I wanted to get a quick video today of the mini Goldendoodles’ mealtime. Today’s delicacy is ground goat and also ground sardines. They’re not the kind that you buy in a can. These we buy from our raw food supplier and they are fresh, [inaudible] frozen. We thaw them and we’ll grind them up with the other food.

Speaker 1: So, normally, everyone is at the dishes eating, but as you could see, I’m in here filming so everyone wants attention except the most piggy puppies over here are not distracted from their food.

And they’re eating right now three times a day and we vary what they eat. Some days, all the meals, maybe the same type of meat, if I’ve made a big batch. Other days, for each meal, it might be something a little different. The whole point in that is just to make sure they’re getting different types of meat, whole preyed has different nutrients. So we mix it up between, oh, anything from muskrat to beaver, to rabbit, to goat, fish or a little bit of chicken. We try to do the least amount for that because it tends to be a higher allergenic for dogs, but chicken feeder, a good choice, especially to keep the teeth nice and white, and also chicken necks is another one.

Dad’s in here. He decided to hop in, acting like he wants to see his babies, but actually, he’s waiting for them to be done so he can run over and take whatever’s left. Hello.


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