Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Eating (January 28, 2020)

Mini Goldendoodle Puppies eating solid food for the first time. This video was taken on January 28, 2020.
The puppies are turning 5 weeks old. So, it is just the right time for them to start eating solid food to prepare
them with the transition of rehoming them. Their dad, Jack, comes to visit and maybe grab a snack.

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  • You, Will, Learn How Old The Puppies Can Start Eating Solid Food.
  • How Much Amount Of Solid Food Is Advisable For Puppies.
  • You, Will, Learn What Is The Right Food For Their First Meal.


Hi everybody. I mentioned in a previous video that our mini Golden Doodles would be having their first solid food. Coming right up, they turn five weeks old tomorrow, and their mom has started to wean them. She’s only nursing them a few times a day. That would be perfect timing to get them on solid food. Okay. This is dad. Photobombing the video. This isn’t for you. He likes to come in the puppies’ area when either there’s food or new toys. So the first meal they’re having here is green beef tripe, which is always a favorite. And also we added a little bit of ground rabbit and goat’s milk to it. Sometimes for their first meal, they’re not totally sure what to do. With these guys, they’re pros already. They were definitely ready.

That’s not for you buddy. Nope. You ate already. Green tripe is dad’s favorite, so he smelled what was going on in here and wanted to partake. It looks like he’s going to clean up after him here. So we have two litters right now. This is our younger litter. This is our Golden Doodle litter. Sorry. And we also have our Cavadoodle litter. So if you keep watching our YouTube channel, we’ll be adding those either today or tomorrow. You can get more information about both litters at our Facebook page, which is Maple Hill Doodles. Same with the Instagram. Same name. And also our website, which is Thanks for watching.


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