Goldendoodle Puppies (August 21, 2020)

Goldendoodles first day outside AND eating solid food :)

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Hi, everybody. Today is a first for the doodle puppies. A couple of first actually. First time going outside on the grass. It was a perfect day for that today. And as you can see in a second here, it’s going to be their first solid meal. Mostly solid. We add a little bit of goat’s milk for the first few meals to make it slurry. It’s just a little bit easier for them. So, I’m going to go ahead and put it down. So the little guy found it first. This is the little runt. There, look, there it is.

There you go. This blue-collar took a second to figure out what was going on. So they’ve been having goats milk because mom has decided to not totally wean them, but partially wean them earlier than she normally does. So we’ve been doing goats milk a couple of times a day in addition to nursing when she wants to. So they’re used to that, but this is the first time that we’ve actually had any food in there, which we always start with whole ground rabbit. And this is a finely ground rabbit.

As you can see, there’s yellow collar right there and next to him on his left is black collar boy. Sizable difference. And what’s funny is the little yellow guy eats a lot. We’ve actually been giving him extra. Extra milk and having him nurse a little bit more, but maybe we should hold back. He’s getting a little chubby.

And here’s red collar guy. I don’t think I’m going to get too many faces today up close because they’ve got better things to do. This is lime green right there. That’s the purple. So they’re doing really, really well for the first time. We have some litters that the first time you give them solid food, even when it’s mixed in with the goat’s milk, they’re just not totally sure. This litter, they are very, very good eaters though. So I’m not surprised they’re doing so well.

Blue-collar is wearing some of his food. I don’t know if you can see it on his nose there. Look at purple color go. She is just grabbing mouthfuls. Oh, so lime green girl. Are you full? Are you full? She’s done. So yellow is the first to the bowl and he’s still going.

Another first, this weekend for these guys, is going to be they’re moving up to the big kid happy area. So we do it usually between three to four weeks, depending on the size and the maturity of the litter. I felt like this litter was not quite as mature, so we held off a little bit, but this weekend we’ll be transitioning them to the bigger puppy area. It has the litter box. Also, it’ll have crates in there. So they can be used to that. And also, various toys and whatnot.

So, lime green, hey. She’s not totally sure about this whole outdoor thing. Another positive to this nice, is it’s a lot easier to potty train. So, if we’re inside, we have a litter tray with pine pallets that they’re trained to use, but also we go out a lot during the day so that they understand the concept at least of going outside.

They’re not house trained at all. They’ll be eight weeks old, but they’re used to going on grass and that sort of thing. Everyone is kind of wearing their food here. Mom will take care of that though. Not only will she eat all the leftovers, she’s going to lick the puppies clean. And I guess they’re all done. Thanks for watching.


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