Cavadoodle Raw Feeding (January 14, 2020)

In this video, we are talking about feeding the puppies on raw food. Here we’re feeding the rabbit feet.
You will learn how important it is to their diet and what are the benefits for their health.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • You Will Know If It’s Okay To Feed Them Raw.
  • Know The Benefits Of Feeding Them Raw Food.
  • Know Pros and Cons Of Raw Feeding.

 These are our nine-week-old Cavadoodles. It’s fairly warm in Northeast Ohio, considering it’s the middle of winter, so we’re actually enjoying our snacks outside today. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to turn the video off now, because we do raw feed and their snack today is rabbit feet.

The benefit to that is the bone content, and they’re good for their teeth as well. Also, fur, which a lot of people don’t know fur and feathers is good for raw feeding, as it helps with parasites. I’ll actually have a link on my website that has a little bit more on that.

This is Hazel. She’s our little girl who is available to a guardian home. She was our only red puppy, the white face from this litter. She’s in the middle as far as size.

 Here we have Oliver. He actually had his own, I think he left it somewhere. Oh, there it is. He’s not totally sure on him. He doesn’t know if he’s supposed to eat it or play with it. That’s okay. Not all puppies are a fan of them.

Yeah, Nigel. I’m trying to get you on video, silly. He’s probably our biggest puppy right now. He solid black, really gorgeous fur here. Really nice sweatshirt he has, and a nice face… which he doesn’t want to show you right now. [inaudible 00:02:05].

There’s Matilda, she’s sort of the leader of the pack. She’s our larger female. She’s a Phantom, with the lighting out here and her being so wiggly, it’s hard to get a picture of that.

Come on Oliver. Sorry, this video is sort of moving around crazy. Hope I’m not making you sick.

Here’s Quincy. He’s our orange collar guy. He’s our other solid black male. He’s a little bit smaller than Nigel. He’s a good eater, he loves his snack.

This is Abby, she’s the runt. She’s significantly smaller than the other puppies. That doesn’t stop her. She’s got a very big personality and is very, very confident. She’s got her little snack. She doesn’t want anyone else to get it?

There’s Oliver, he’s the one who’s not sure about the feet. He just wants to kind of play. That’s Nigel.

I don’t think I mentioned that earlier in the video. What Cavadoodles are? They are a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Labrador Retriever, and also a Poodle.

In this case, the dad is an F1 Cavapoo, which means he’s equal parts Cavalier and Poodle. And the mother is a Labradoodle. We’re expecting these guys to be around 40 pounds, or so. I think Abby, the runt, will be smaller. And then we have a couple puppies, Nigel and Matilda, that I think will probably surpass that.


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