CavaDoodle Puppies

3-week old CavaDoodle puppies having a nap. It is normal for puppies to take a nap at any time of the day.
But they are so hyper and always play with each other. These are very healthy 3-week old CavaDoodle.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • CavaDoodle can be brown, black, golden and more.
  • These puppies take nap any time of the day and it is normal.
  • CavaDoodles are not born the same size.


Hi, everyone. I just wanted to do an updated video on the CavaDoodle puppies while mom is out taking a little well-deserved break. We did one a week ago, and they’ve already matured a lot. They’re kind of tired now because they nursed before mom went out and taking a little nap. But for the most part, they’re a lot more active, playing, interacting with toys, playing with each other, biting mom.

So, Brandon, do you want to pick out Nigel? He’s the yellow collar. There you go. Let me see if I can do this. Hold him up a little more. There you go. So I can get his face. There you go. Okay. So he is a solid black. He has more of a smooth, wavy coat, and he’s our biggest male so far. You can go ahead and put him down and grab the light green collar.

Okay. There we go. That is Hank. He is a phantom, and he’s got white feet and a white chin there. Then you can put him down and get the dark green collar. He’s right there.

You can hold him down just a little lower. He is another phantom male. He’s one of our curlier guys as you can see. His phantom markings are a little stronger. He’s got a little white spot on his chin there. You can put him down and get the red collar. That’s Oliver.

So Oliver is our strongest phantom. You can really see his markings coming out. He’s also the curliest and one of also the smaller males. You can go ahead and put him down and get the blue-collar, the dark blue color.

There you go. Down a little lower. Okay, He is another phantom and another curly guy. He’s a little bigger than the last two though. Do you want to lift him up a little bit so we can see his markings? He also has a little bit of a white chin. Okay. You can put him down and get the black collar.

He’s the little apricot guy there. There you go. This is Copper. He’s got little white feet there. He’s probably going to end up being more of an apricot. He’s kind of sleepy. His fur is also going to be more wavy than curly. It’s hard to see. He also has a little white patch on his chest. You can put him down and grab the light blue.

That’s Sully. There you go. He looks a lot like a Cavapoo, especially from the profile. He is the lightest puppy and the smaller of the two apricot ones. He’s a solid. He has no white on him, but you can see shades of apricot coming through. You can put him down and get the pink collar.

This is Hazel. She is the female we’re keeping back to place in a guardian home. She is the only one with a white blaze on her head, and she’s a little bit of a darker than the two apricot boys. You can go ahead and put her down. Then do you want to get the little peanut there, Abby? She’s the purple.

This is our teeny tiny little girl, but she holds her own. She is also a phantom. Her markings are not as strong though. As she gets older, you’ll see more of the tan coming through on her legs and under her tail. You can go ahead and put her down.

The last one is Quincy. He’s the bright orange. There you go. We only have two solid blacks in this litter. Both of the solid blacks are going to be more of a smooth, wavy coat. Also, the two solid blacks are a little bit chunkier puppies. All the phantoms are going to be on the curlier side except for Matilda.

Matilda is the light purple collar, Brandon. She has got a really nice head shape, too. She’s technically a phantom but the weakest markings. She’s also a little bit of a smoother coat. She’s got a really great personality, too. All right. That’s about it. Thanks for watching.

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