15 07, 2023

Flight Nanny: The Ultimate Delivery Option for your Puppy


Delivery Options: The Flight Nanny How exciting is this going to be for your puppy and you! We have several delivery options to get your puppy from our house to yours. If you live close by – within an hour of our Cleveland-area zip code – we can deliver door to door. Further

Flight Nanny: The Ultimate Delivery Option for your Puppy2023-07-28T11:08:30-05:00
26 10, 2022

Debunking Some Myths


Breeder Myths Debunked Here are some misconceptions (myths, if you want to call them that) that have been repeated so many times that they are often perceived as facts. Perhaps you’ve heard of some and believed or shared them. Admittedly, I’m guilty of this very thing, more than I care to admit (for

Debunking Some Myths2022-10-26T16:12:14-05:00
26 04, 2022

Why Don’t We Keep a Waiting List?


We Do Not Keep a Waiting List. Here's Why. Speaking of waitlist, we don’t keep one! Yes, you read that right, and have probably read elsewhere that “all reputable breeders have a waitlist”. Obviously, I’d argue that that’s just not true. Sure, a puppy mill probably doesn’t keep a waitlist. But there are

Why Don’t We Keep a Waiting List?2022-04-26T12:01:10-05:00
2 02, 2022

Finding the Best Breeder


Which is the best breeder for you? Finding the best breeder is complicated! When people want to identify the most responsible Doodle breeder, what do they do? It takes way more research and discernment than simply asking their veterinarian or groomer. Or even talking with friends and family, although that’s good to include.

Finding the Best Breeder2022-02-02T17:45:11-06:00
19 07, 2021

Hidden Dangers of Invisible Fencing


Do underground fences work? ‘Invisible fencing’ is simply a live wire buried in the ground that activates a collar worn by a dog. When the dog gets too close to the underground wire, the collar is charged and he gets a shock. This is supposed to teach him to stay obediently inside the boundary

Hidden Dangers of Invisible Fencing2021-08-17T06:35:35-05:00
26 02, 2021

Temperament Testing in Puppies


How accurate is temperament testing in puppies? Thirty years ago, the US Department of Defense was using a puppy raising program to develop their military dogs. One of the procedures they used was temperament testing. The concept caught on with major service dog organizations, and soon private breeders were following suit. After all, if their

Temperament Testing in Puppies2021-04-28T08:54:13-05:00
13 05, 2020

Why Crate Train Your Puppy?


Before you cuddled your warm, snuggly new Doodle puppy to take her home forever, we started her on crate training. What? Yes, it’s true. Contrary to what you might have heard, your puppy’s crate is not jail. Helping baby Juliet to accept short stays in that little box is not cruel. In fact, it may

Why Crate Train Your Puppy?2021-04-27T10:05:13-05:00
16 03, 2020

Adopting Your Puppy the Right Way


Puppy Adoption So, you’re thinking about adopting one of our adorable puppies. You’ve watched all of the videos on our website, looked at all the pictures and read (hopefully!) all of our blog articles. And you’ve picked out The One. Now it’s time to shoot us an email at Maple Hill Doodles! But wait. It’s not

Adopting Your Puppy the Right Way2021-12-07T13:56:17-06:00
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