14 12, 2020

Leaving Your Dog Home Alone


How Long Should You Leave Your Dog Home Alone?By far the most asked question we get is this: “How long should I leave my dog home alone?” It’s also one of the most common reasons we may not approve an application for one of our Maple Hill Doodles puppies. So, let’s address it here and now.There

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1 09, 2020

Learn to Control Puppy Biting


Puppy biting is instinctive and – believe it or not – necessary for good social development. It’s different from gnawing to relieve teething pain. And it’s not the same as working on a chew toy (please, no rawhide!). Learning to help your puppy control his play biting starts as soon as you pick him up

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13 05, 2020

Why Crate Train Your Puppy?


Before you cuddled your warm, snuggly new Doodle puppy to take her home forever, we started her on crate training. What? Yes, it’s true. Contrary to what you might have heard, your puppy’s crate is not jail. Helping baby Juliet to accept short stays in that little box is not cruel. In fact, it may

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20 01, 2020

Go, Already! Puppy Housebreaking Tips


Begin Puppy Potty Training Right Away Congratulations on welcoming your adorable, cuddly new puppy into your home! Now he’s part of the family and will be the most faithful friend you could ever want. But you’ll need to gently introduce him to the house rules, aka Puppy Housebreaking Tips. The very first rule is this:

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13 11, 2019

Older Puppies


The Truth About Older PuppiesFrom time to time we do have older puppies available here. As breeders, things can just happen that way. Perhaps we have a baby puppy that we might want to keep for breeding but she grows out differently than we anticipated. Or a family may experience unfortunate life situations that make it

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1 10, 2019

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) Program


When our puppies are 3 days old we begin using an Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) Program. Why so early? We strive to produce happy, healthy puppies who grow into well-adjusted adult dogs. Well-adjusted dogs are less fearful, more focused, and respond appropriately to stress. To accomplish this goal, we raise our dogs using the proven

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