13 10, 2021

Natural Flea Control


Control Fleas Naturally By now you know that Maple Hill Doodles follows a holistic breeding program in all areas possible, and that includes using natural methods for flea control. Why do we avoid using harmful chemicals on or in our dogs? Because the conventional chemicals that kill fleas and ticks are mostly neurotoxins. They short-circuit

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9 09, 2021

Do We Worm Our Dogs Too Often?


How often is too much to worm our puppies?Can worming be done too frequently? And how can we go about it in a more natural way?We have been taught that the most effective way to control parasites is to routinely administer worming medicine. There are even schedules of the ‘best’ ages to de-worm, beginning at the

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19 07, 2021

Hidden Dangers of Invisible Fencing


Do underground fences work? ‘Invisible fencing’ is simply a live wire buried in the ground that activates a collar worn by a dog. When the dog gets too close to the underground wire, the collar is charged and he gets a shock. This is supposed to teach him to stay obediently inside the boundary

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14 12, 2020

Leaving Your Dog Home Alone


How Long Should You Leave Your Dog Home Alone?By far the most asked question we get is this: “How long should I leave my dog home alone?” It’s also one of the most common reasons we may not approve an application for one of our Maple Hill Doodles puppies. So, let’s address it here and now.There

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12 08, 2020

Wait to Spay or Neuter your Puppy


Deciding whether to wait to spay or neuter your puppy? We’re glad you want to take this important step for your new best friend. Your new puppy from Maple Hill Doodles will be more comfortable and happier, and so will your family. But there’s a best-practices window for the optimal time to have your vet

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8 10, 2019

Introduction To Prey Model Raw Diet Feeding Plan


Why do we raise our Doodles here in northern Ohio using a Prey Model Raw Diet feeding plan? Simple. We want to start out your puppy with the best possible health and nutrition. So, we feed a prey model raw diet to the parents, and also wean your puppy to the same diet. Most people

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