CavaDoodle puppies love to play outside, but also love to cuddle on the couch.

5 12, 2022

3-Week CavaDoodle Puppies


PEARL + HARRY Proud CavaDoodle Parents Beautiful Pearl and handsome Harry CavaDoodle welcomed the birth of their new family on 6 November 2022. 3 boys and a beautiful red-haired girl! We estimate a go home date of 1 January 2023. Happy New Year! 20-25lbs estimated weight, with wavy fleece (low shedding) coats in

3-Week CavaDoodle Puppies2023-08-21T10:56:11-05:00
24 02, 2020

CavaDoodle Puppy (February 15, 2020)

2021-04-13T09:04:32-05:00 CavaDoodle Puppy (February 15, 2020) In this video, you will be able to see how active and happy a Cavadoodle puppy playing outside the snow on a beautiful day. Cavadoodle puppies always love playing outside, especially if it is cold or wet.   Watch our Video and You'll Learn: How Cavadoodle Puppies Loves Snow.

CavaDoodle Puppy (February 15, 2020)2021-04-13T09:04:32-05:00
3 02, 2020

12 Weeks Cavadoodle (January 31, 2020)

2021-04-12T17:35:18-05:00 12 Weeks Cavadoodle (January 31, 2020) 12 weeks old mix labrador, spaniel, and poodle puppies having their time outside, playing and staying active. These puppies are irresistible and so adorable. These puppies are almost ready for rehoming. These puppies can be trained  as a guard or therapy dog.   Watch our Video and You'll

12 Weeks Cavadoodle (January 31, 2020)2021-04-12T17:35:18-05:00
27 12, 2019

CavaDoodle Puppies – December 2, 2019

2024-02-28T14:22:45-06:00 CavaDoodle Puppies 3-week old CavaDoodle puppies having a nap. It is normal for puppies to take a nap at any time of the day. But they are so hyper and always play with each other. These are very healthy 3-week old CavaDoodle.   Watch our Video and You'll Learn: CavaDoodle can be brown, black,

CavaDoodle Puppies – December 2, 20192024-02-28T14:22:45-06:00
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