Cavapoo Puppies Eating | December 19, 2019

These are the Cavapoo Puppies having a nice lunch. Different types of food and a variety of meat have been mentioned in the video.  Check this video to know if you have the right food for your Cavapoo baby.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • What Type Of Food For Your Cavapoo.
  • Meat That Is Good For Their Diet.
  • Variety Of Food That They Can Have.


Andrea: I thought I would do a video today of mealtime for the babies. This is the Cavapoo litter. Got Chester right there. This is counter-clockwise order. Then there’s Lucy, Millie, Annie, Finn, and Dotty. She’s taking hers over there. So today’s lunch is, we have ground sardines, which Annie’s now wearing on her head, and ground goat and let’s see, tripe and whole ground chicken necks. Since they’re little and their teeth are small, we’re still grinding most of the food, but pretty soon they’re going to graduate to eating whole sardines and whole chicken necks, which the bone-in chicken necks is easier for these little breeds to chew. So that’s one of our favorites, that, turkey necks and duck necks as well.

You guys full already? There’s Chester. Hi Chester! Millie! There’s Millie. Hi Millie! Hi pretty girl! There’s Finn. Lucy is always the first to eat and the last one finished usually. She loves food. Well, they made short order of that. Annie, you’re still wearing a little bit of food, honey. You getting it? All right. All right, so that was today’s meal. Thanks for watching.


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