CavaDoodle Puppies Snowy Adventure | December 19, 2019

CavaDoodle puppies snowy adventure. They are quite fond of snow, this is their kind of fun.
Taking your CavaDoodle puppy out in the snow would be great for them. To keep them in shape and have them a bit of exercise.
But don’t let them stay too long out in the cold. Their blood circulation will slow down unless they are moving.

Watch our Video and You’ll Learn:

  • You’ll Learn How They Love Cold So Much.
  • These Puppies Does Like Being Wet.
  • How Cavadoole Loves Snow So Much.

Andrea: As you can tell, some of them have been eating the snow. Actually, a lot of them have been eating in the snow. That’s Sully right there, the little apricot guy. He’s spoken for. There’s Abby, our runt, she’s still available. This is Hank with the light green collar. He’s spoken for. And then this little apricot girl, she’s still available for a guardian home. Try to get a little face shot. Hi. Hazel. That’s Copper, he’s spoken for as well.

They get pretty good at climbing. This might actually count as a barrier talent, which is part of our program. There’s different ways you can do it. Generally, you have a little treat and they have to climb a barrier to get it, but when we come outside, we have a lot of hills and things over here that they like to try to climb and we’re teaching them steps to get back in the house. You know, we encourage him to get in on their own. That’s another barrier challenge.

Here’s Quincy. He’s our bright orange collar guy. He’s not spoken for yet. He’s a solid black. He’s more of a wavy, smooth coat. There’s Sully. He almost made it up there. And then that bigger, mostly black girl, she’s a phantom, but mostly black. That’s Matilda. She’s available. Harder to see the collars now that their fur’s growing. That’s her. There’s Copper.


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